Plum Creek Community Recreation Facility


At this time, funds are being sought to begin Phase 1 of the park project. Funds collected will allow the Township to seek matching funds from the state, doubling the revenue that is available to construct the various Phase 1 improvements.  Phase 1 currently has an estimated cost of $676,200 and at completion would provide the following:

  • A Sidewalk to connect nearby developments to the park for pedestrian access
  • An improved Access Drive onto Mount Pleasant Road, permitting safe vehicular access to and from the park
  • Parking Facilities to allow residents arriving by vehicle a safe, secure location to park their vehicle(s)
  • Amphitheater to host shows, concerts, educational seminars, etc.
  • Linear Trail System, allowing residents an opportunity to run, walk or bike the perimeter of the park property (eventually accessing other park facilities). The trail could also become the future home of local 5K races.
  • Playground, allowing a safe place for children of all ages to play
  • Picnic Pavilions, allowing residents to host parties, picnics, or team events
  • A Park Entrance Sign to inform residents of the parks location and attract users
  • Numerous park style Benches (to permit residents a place to simply sit and relax)

While the Township will be allocating monies towards this project, we are looking to the community to join us and help support this monumental project, and build a central place for community residents of all ages, races and religions to come, exercise and engage/interact with nature and to improve their personal physical and mental health.


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